Colorful  Icelandics
We are a small farm located in the south east corner of Michigan.  We
enjoy riding, training, and having fun with Icelandic Horses. Our personal
horses are "Bobby-(arab-hackney), Kvika, Rak, Fengur, Patches and
Joker. THe rest of our family includes Tibetan Spaniels-(another rare
breed),and our house/barn cats Tye, Peek-a-Boo, Bow-Tye, Shania,
We offer the following services at Colorful Icelandics:

Help the owner train their own horse
Riding Lessons for young and old
* Harness Training
* Gait Training
* Trailer Loading
We only take a few horses for training and we give
each horse  special attention while they are in our
care, plus we give them lots of love.

For more information about anything our on our site,
call us or Email us.
Some of the horses at Colorful Icelandics
Bobby watching over the herd
Two best friends taking a nap
Mother and  son  Cat watching
over the barn
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Scratch n All
Meet our upside down Greeter Sofia
Mr Chip
Bow Tye who loved in sitting in boxes or flower pots
Tye which he was over
30yrs old that we know of.
Here are our members of the family
Rosie and Lois
Stuart Little
Bobby the herd  boss
Kvika the real herd boss
Here is Rak eating her am
feeding in the snow
Here is Kvika and Har  eating the
morning hay. Har is a ham in front of
the camera plus she loves her photo
here some of the herd eating
their hay
and gets her first pick of the hay
piles , then the rest can find their
own pile of hay