Colorful Icelandics
Healthy Hair  
HealthyHairCar Moisturizer(TM) for manes, tails and coats is a therapeutic lanolin  
enriched concentrate that assists in replacing vital oils to the hair and skin.   Daily use helps to
control dandruff and dry skin. Great for help with rubs, mane and tail itching . You will cut grooming  
time in half while promting healthy coats manes and tails.     A concentrate; mix one part of Healthy
HairCare Hair Moisturizer(TM) with eight parts of water in a spray bottle. Spray on after daily grooming,
after body clipping, bathing, or on blanket chafed areas.  Spray onto tails, manes, coats, soft brush,
towel, or massage into hair. Use on a wet or dry horse, clean or dirty. You are going to love the
results.      Concentrated - Economical - Affordable   
available Sizes :    2 oz          $ 2.55            (comcentrate)
                    16oz -       $ 18.95
                    32oz. -       $ 32.95
                   1 gallon -   $69.95
                   5 gallons - $257.95
Healthy HairCare Derma Clean Shampoo (TM)   -  A creamy, thick, protein
enriched active shampoo that gently clenses manes, tails and coat, and assist in preventing
many minor bacterial and skin problems.       Derma Clean Shampoo is great in the summer
when horses are subject to rain rot and other bacterial causes issues.  A mild but effective
shampoo that leaves the coat shiny, soft, glowing and smelling fresh and clean. Great to use
as a deodorizer for dogs too.
available sizes:  
             16oz. -        $   11.95
             32oz.-         $   16.50
            1 gallon -    $  35.95
            5 gallons -  $135.95
Herbal Horse Wash(TM)  -  Powerful, easy to use spray system wash and rinise at the turn of
a switch!    Our spray system draws and delivers at a preset dilution ration for a perfect wash every
time. With Ginseng Root, Alfalfa, Wheat Germ, Licorice, Nettle, Aloe juice,  Soy Protein, & Arnice
Montana Flower, Herbal Horse Wash(TM) will make your horse deep down clean and shiny in
minutes. Wash Bucket and Sponge Not Needed.    No Waste, No Mess, Less Work, Safer For the
Environment, Easier.  More Economical   8-16 Washes per 32oz.    Gallon Refill up to 64 washes.
Available Sizes:
: 32oz.  Wash System -  $ 17.95
1 Gallon Refill  -              $ 51.95
Healthy HairCare's Sunflower Suncoat  SPF(TM) -  Sunflower Performance Formula
contains Sunflower Extract that protects against both dangerous and damaging UV-A and UV-B
sun rays.  Sunflower Extract, free radical scavenger stops hair degradation in its tracks.
Scientifically effectiveness against sun damage and phusical degradation from UV-A radiation.
An additional select sun blocker adds protection from UV-B radiation.     Healthy HairCare's
Sunflower Suncoat SPF(TM) maintains the natural, true color of color, manes & tails.  Repairs
bleached & burnt hair damage from the sun's ultra-violet spectrum and saves you time
grooming. Healthy HairCare's Sunflower SuncoatSPF(TM)  - A quality blend of conditioners make
hair more manageable, easy to detangle, and easier to comb.
Available Sizes:
Ready-To-Use Spray  32oz.   -  $16.95
Healthy HairCare Shampoo Plus(TM)  -  A thick protein-enriched
conditioning shampoo that gently cleanses and helps to the hair and skin.
Regular use helps to promote a healthy, shiny coat withour dulling or drying out the
hair and maintaining a healthy glowing shine.  Shampoo Plus is a deep cleaning
non-stripping shampoo.
available sizes:
1 gallon -                  $30.50
5 gallons -                $104.95
Healthy HairCare's Stay Away(tm) Fly & Bug Repellent.  -   is an
intense blend of natural oils, proven to be effective protection against flies, gnats,
mosquitoes and other biting insects.
Stay Away(tm)  -  Fly & Bug Repellent,    Effective - Environmentally Safe.

Available sizes:
32oz - Ready-To-Use Spray -              $ 13.95
Vigor Liniment & Power Wash(tm)
Brace - Body Wash & Liniment A wonderful aromatic - invigorating liniment. Contains Greed Soap, oil
of Sassafras, oil of Wintergreen , oil of Cedarwood, oil of Rosemary, Oil of Thyme, and Juniper Oil.
Healthy HairCare Vigor Power Wash(tm) Cleans & Invigorates at the same time.  A Powerful, Easy To
Use Spray System.  Wash & Rinse At The Turn of a Switch!   Our Sprayer delivery system draws and
delivers at a preset dilution ratio for a Perfect Wash every Time!      Wash Bucket and Sponge Not
Needed.   No Waste, No Mess, Less Work,  Safer For the Environment.  Easier.  More Economical.
8-16 Washers per 32oz. Gallon Refill up to 64 washes.
Also available in a

32oz oz. liniment size.-         $18.95
Hoof Moisture(tm)-  has a unique delivery system that works with the nnatural flow of the hoof, allowing the
expansion and contraction of hoof to transfer moisture both in and out.  The hoof benefits from nature's healthy
Healthy HairCare's Hoof Moisture(tm) supplies the hoof with Eucalyptus, Lanolin and Vitamin A.  Working with
nature to replenish moisture to dry, brittle cracking, and breaking hooves to repair and prevent damage.
Hoof Moisture(tm) is clear and will not stain white hair or legs, marking it great as a show day hoof dressing, to
safety highlight the hoof to a natural shine.     Wet or dry hooves, every day or show day.  

Available Sizes:       16oz spray -             $17.50
                 32oz. Brush Can -       $25..95
Super Bands(tm)
Made from 100% Natural Rubber
Large Bag            Made in the USA

5 colors to Match your match your need.

Black,    White,   Grey,     Brown-chestnut,    Red-Sorrel
$     8.95   
The It Bottle is the Tag it, Make It, Shake It, Spray It, Take It Spray Bottle.

clear 32oz. Tough Bottle.       $
Mult-Adjustable Heavy Duty Sprayer,  Made with recyclable materials,     Includes easy to read dilution
Created with Hair Moisturizer in Mind, but we know you will find many more uses!
Show Grooming
Silverado Coat Gloss(tm)  - A ready to use hair polish, spray-on highlighter for the horse's coat, mane and
tail.    Silverado coat Gloss(tm) Hait Polish produces the best show ring shine for the coat, mane and tail
and repels dust, dirt, grass, and urine, leather, and manure stains.  Groom once, horses clean and show
ring ready for days.  
Spray horse's coat, mane and tail, brush or towel into coat, mane and tail, brush or towel into coat. Comb
and detangle mane and tail. Mist entire entire horse, mane, tail and coat lightly again.
Available size:
32oz -                $14.95
Silverado Crystal Shampoo(tm)  - For a full body deep down clean.  Formulated especially for hard to
manage manes and tails. Very gentle but powerfully effective.
lathers richly and rinses crystal clear, leaving your horse with a shiny, supple, manageable coat and an
amazing mane and tail.
with conditioners, Vitamin E and Aloe helps to prevent and repair breakage.
available sizes-
16oz -                              $9.95
64oz- (1/2 gallon) -=    $19.95
Silverdo Silver Shampo(tm)  -  For whiter than white manes & tails. Palominos, Paints, Grays and other
Fancy Colors will look better and brighter than ever.
is loaded with optiocal  brighteners that give your horse brighter whites, shiny highlights and silvery,
sparkling grays.
Our unque formula works to neutralize yellowing and enhance highlights.  Vitamin E and Aloe helps to
prevent and repair breakage too.
available sizes:
16oz.                                      $11.95
64oz.-(1/2 gallon) -            $20.95
Instant Green Spot Remover
Silverado Visual Difference(tm)  - Instant Spot, Dirt & Stain Remover, with Protein, Lanolin & Aloe. Works on
coats, manes & tails instantly to dissolve and remove dirt, seat marks, grass, urine, manure stains and more.
Silverado Visual Difference - Great for clean-up at home or shows, or when bathing is impossible. Especiall
effective on Palomino, Gray, Paint, Pinto, Appaloosa and all fancy colored horses.
Fast - Easy - Spray on - Work in.  Brush or wipe off dirt and stains.
No Rinsing Needed - No Alcohol - No Residue.

Ready-To-Use 20oz. Spray - $
Silverado Detangler(tm) - Detangle Manes & Tails Instantly & Easily - A high grade blend of conditioners,
penetrates even the most bdry, brittle, tangled manes & tails, leaving them soft, shiny and tangle-free.
with added Sun Block Protection, UV-A & UV-B blockers protect and prevent manes and tails from bleaching &
breaking caused by sun damage.
Silverado Detyangler(tm) is concentrated, lasts for days, repels dirt and dust, controls static.

Easy To Use- 8oz Dispensing Bottle- 8oz.  - $15.95
Silverado Face Glo(tm) - A show enhancing highlighter for the face, ears and muzzle.
Silverado Face Glo(tm)  covers unsightly scars and blemishes. Aloe and Vitamin E are added to help condition
the skin. Sun Blockers for both UV-A & UV-B, offer hair and coat protection against bleaching and burning

Silverado Face Glo(tm)  is available in an 8oz jar - $8.95
3 different shades