Colorful Icelandics
Six months under saddle for this
5yr old mare.
Going nicely under saddle at a
nice flowing trot
First time sitting on an Icelandic
Horse for a 5 yr little girl.
A First lesson with her mum
walking beside
First lesson riding an Icelandic on
her own
The little girl's Mom's first lesson
A group lesson with mother and
daughter. Now they have something to
share and have fun with.
Training and Lessons

Horses that are in training with me is handled exclusively by me with an exception of situations that require a helper. Each horse
receive 2 - training lessons twice a day and 5 days a week. The length of each lessons depends on each horse and it can vary.

Every horse I have in training is treated like one of ours with lots of love and a ton of TLC.  I let every horse tell me when he or she
is ready to on to the next step in his training and I
NEVER rush the horse in his/her training just because the owner only wants to
pay for 2months or 3months of training.  I am a firm but a very gentle trainer and I always reward for the slightly try from the horse.
wheat bread and these are same treats we give to our own horses. I have my own natural horsemanship and the horses seem
Ask about our Owner training program - where we help the owner train their own horse.  

The training rates does not include board for horses in training.

We also accept horses for harness training.

Training - $500.00 per month with training  twice a day for 5 days a week.  
Boarding - call for price board per month.

Riding Lessons - Adult lessons (12yrs and over) - 60minutes  - $50.00
lesson for driving a cart - 60minutes - $50.00
Children lessons ( 12yrs old or under - 30minutes - $30.00
17701 Kent Rd.,  Dundee, MI. 48131  phone 734-652-8810  fax: 734-529-8810
N. A Horse Spectacular
our  Icelandic horses in a demo in 05
From my past students.
home country (Denmark)

Almost gone. Ann has a small farm without an arena, so all riding is outdoors
(which is what I perfer). THe horses are loved and well taken care of. Having
Spectacular in Novi, MI. I see how steady and mellow she is. Ann too has an
excellent way of teaching and to make both rider and horse feel comfortable.
She does not rush things, but has an open mind to make everybody
Lone M
from Denmark
a more flexible, limber animal. I have learned how to facilitate these
exercises, and this has helped me forge a stronger bond with my horse.
Ms Johnson is also proficient in enhancing the rideabity of horses. Prioe to
working with Ann, my horse was not confident in tolt. After Ms. Johnson's
input, Tofa on request. As a resuslt of  Tofa's training and the foicused
lessons I took with Ann, I've become a more confident rider! I am very
impressed with Ann's training style ....firm but gentle, with a high degree of
professionalism.  I wholeheeatedly recommend Ann Johnson as a horse
trainer and riding instructor.
Ceicilia and Bill Donohue
Miford, MIch
for. I just wanted to say that this is my little girl taking her first lesson on a
horse. She was scare to death of horses. Ann has a way with children to get
them to like and be as easy with horses.  I am very happy the way Ann treats
my daughter and how she explains everything in where she understands.  
We come out  every other month
All my lessons for everybody starts in the beginning on how to groom and tack
up the horse. I teach all my students lhave to proof to the horse that they are a
good rider before they go to the next  step in the lesson, I listen to the horse
and they alway know. Everyone has to learn how to stop the correctly.