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Rail Razor are the new horse training aid used to raise your trotting poles
off the ground for schooling, training and rehabilitation purposes. They are
for all disciplines to enjoy, ranging from the pleasure rider to top athletes,
building confidence for both horse and rider
Formations can be used for work in walk, trot and canter
Benefits include:
Increased collection
Engagement and elevation of the hindquarters
Lifting the forehand
Improving the horses outline
Establishing balance and rhythm
Improving flexibility
rail razor are stackable for easy carry and storage
rail razor - can be used in conjunction with wooden or
plastic poles to improve your horse's way of going.

Promote safety and smartness in the schooling arena
or field by using Polepods, they are extremely
convenient to use and are time labor saving.

rail razor  interlock to give different pole heights, they are
designed for ground schooling purposes, it is therefore
recommended that you do not exceed doubles height
plus pole height for schooling purposes.

For transportation and storage rail razor can be slotted
together into one or more stacks, making them easy to
move into and out of the chosen training area.
To separate push apart at
the edge
or in the middle
Rail Razor
come is packs of 4
single colors
Rail Razor  are sold in packs, each
pack consists of 4 individual rail razor
red, white,blue
intro    $34.90 + s/h
Pole Formations:
Using rail razor brings more versatility to pole use, rail razor can be used to vary the height of poles, the poles can
be arranged in many formations and can be worked over in walk, trot, and canter. This versatility  provides the
opportunity for horses and riders, at all levels, to benefit from rail razor.
Approximate distances between poles
walk:  2-1/2 ft.                            Trot:  4ft - 4-1/4ft                                        Canter:  11-1/2ft
(0.8m)                                           ( 1.2m - 1.4m)                                             (3.5m)

These distances are a rough guide only. Adjust according to the size of your horse and cater for each
horses individual stride length. You can lengthen or shorten the distance between poles for lengthening
and shortening strides. SIngles Polepods height is easier for the horse and rider, using double height
Polepods increase the intensity the workload . As a safety measure, ensure your horse warmed up
sufficiently and build up the intensity gradually. The following examples are a few formations that are
possible. There are many other formations to try, have a go and see
Standard Plus Formation
Single height and double height combination. Idea for increasing work intensity.
Benefits include:
Same benefits for standard Formation and especially for
Increasing range of joint movement
Extra flexibility
More concentration extra elevation, collection and engagement
Size of individual razor                                  Height including stand 4 inch pole
Diameter = 5-1/2 inche (140mm)                         Single Polepods and standard pole = 7-1/2 inches
Height = 4 inches  (101 mm)                                 Double
     Rail razor and standard pole = 10 inches (255mm)
Weight - 8.83 oz   (250 grams)
Standard Formation -  Single height is ideal for starters, easier for horse and rider.  You can vary
this by putting one end of the pole on the ground.
Benefits include:
Fun and enjoyment for horse and rider
Improved strength, fitness and stamina
Attention, concentration and obedience
Lengthening and shortening stride
Greater elevation, collection and engagement
Improves confidence,developing rhythm and balance
Can encourage horse to lower neck and arch back
Flexibility increased range of joint movement, loosening and easing stiffness
Co-ordination,accuracy, hoof eye co-ordination
Strengthens riders seat, balance and accuracy
Pre-cursor for more advanced work, piaffe, lateral work and jumping
Medium  Formation
Horse needs to concentrate to alternte between left and right side heights.
Benefits include:
Same benefits for Standard Formation and especially beneficial for:
Curved Formation - Single or double combinations. Aim for the center of the poles,
but you can work on shortened strides towards the inside and lengthened stride
towards the outside of the circle.
Benefits include:
Same benefits for Standard and Standard Plus Formations, especially beneficial for :
Reducing rushing Concentration,  Flexibility, Co-ordination, Blance
Rail Razor
Colors of Rail Razor
Red, White and Blue
Rail Razor are a copy from a product called Polepods which are made in England
A. Johnson   17701 Kent Rd.  Dundee, MI 48131            734-652-8810